Bad data. Messy data. Incomplete Data. Disconnected Data.
Your Data. Bring It On.

By not managing your data, you’re missing out on sales, new customer engagement, and your marketing ROI is lower than it should be. That’s where DIG can help.


Working with your data to uncover customer insights and opportunities is what we do. We understand the transformational power of customer information and what it means to your organization. By transforming and leveraging your data, we can power your marketing strategies and generate sales. DIG uses your data to stimulate activity that fuels your business by employing complex and proven techniques in a variety of areas, helping you achieve your goals.

Data Conversion – any file format or system

Data Cleansing/Manipulation – hygiene, dedupe, merge

Data Enhancement/Transformation – demographics, geocoding, email append

Data Management/Understanding – profiling, tracking, analysis

Data Delivery – automated multi-file delivery

Some of the largest companies representing 60% of the US major appliance market, 95% of the mobile telecommunications market, and industry leaders in healthcare, education, banking, and non-profit sectors have trusted DIG to manage their data.

  • Data-Driven Marketing

    We turn your marketing strategies into reality through our data-driven communications platform. You can focus on telling your story while we wrangle the data necessary to support your vision thru whichever channels you choose, based on whatever timing you need, and with dynamic messaging available to every single contact in your target audience.

  • Data Consolidation

    An overwhelming number of new and legacy applications and systems exist, creating challenges for businesses trying to get information from one to the other, or to merge data from multiple systems, distilling the information into what matters to them. We can help you with system migrations or integrations as your business changes and grows, so data integrity is maintained and you don’t lose valuable historical information.

  • Data Enrichment

    If you work with your own data (or data on behalf of your clients or internal stakeholders), you may need help getting it into a state that is workable. We can clean it up, standardize it, normalize it, add missing or available information to it, remove unwanted duplicates, and create super-records and households with keys and IDs to keep things organized (one time, periodically, or as often as needed), so you can focus on what you do best.


Over 3 billion marketing
records analyzed per month.


Over 110 million credit
records received per month.


Over 5 million communication
records delivered per month.